At Millenia Learning Academy our mission is create a secure and nurturing environment where children can express their individuality and are encouraged to be creative, independent, responsible, well rounded, and self-directed people who can make decisions for themselves.

Through the practice of positive communication with staff and families, we will model the behavior we wish to grow in our children.  With a variety of experiences such as Music & Movement, STEAM, Connection Corner, Conscious Discipline® Strategies and Nature Exploration we will enhance their development socially, emotionally, physically, imaginatively, and intellectually. 

Deeply rooted in our vision, we believe it takes a village and we are here to be your Tribe!

  • We believe each child is a unique individual; we are sensitive to their social, emotional, and intellectual, and physical needs. We provide developmentally appropriate programs that focus on the process of learning and that help children enjoy successful experiences. 
  • We believe that it is our responsibility to provide an environment that will allow the optimum learning experiences for each child. We believe that this can be done through creating a good self-concept, developing in all areas to sense the feeling of fulfillment, and being well prepared for subsequent learning experiences. 
  • We believe the strength of our program is the dedication of our teaching staff. We support our teachers with training, resources, and freedom to create a unique learning experience for the children. Our teachers create a caring and nurturing atmosphere and foster each child’s creativity and self-image. 
  • We believe in positive methods of discipline. We strive to encourage an understanding in each child about the rules and patterns of work and play that are to be followed and attempt to develop consistency throughout the entire staff in adhering to them. It is our belief that herein lies the foundation of adherence to law and order now and later in life. 
  • We believe parents are the most significant adults in a child’s life. We strive to create mutual respect between parents and teachers, a partnership for the benefit of the child. We encourage daily communication between parents and center staff.